Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Dr. Luigi?

DrLuigi is a long-standing maker of medical footwear whose production is founded on a more than 100-year-old family tradition of craftsmanship.

Our manufacture is located in Split, Croatia, where hardworking Croatian hands ensure the quality of our products.

What is the nature of DrLuigi medical footwear?

DrLuigi medical footwear is a lightweight, flexible medical footwear of great comfort and acts as an ideal preventative tool for individuals who have occupational or genetic predispositions for the development of numerous diseases of the feet and lower legs.

Why is it essential to emphasize that DrLuigi footwear is a medical device?

It is crucial to note that DrLuigi footwear is a medical device because certifications and expert testing have proven that it prevents and alleviates pain in a variety of leg and foot ailments. In addition, DrLuigi medical footwear is antiseptic and antibacterial, and it is constructed entirely of natural materials.

When should Dr. Luigi's medical goods be used?

Wearing DrLuigi medical footwear alleviates biomechanical and medical difficulties, increases blood circulation, and has a relaxing and pleasurable influence on the user's general psychophysical health.

Which medical conditions do famous doctors prescribe Dr. Luigi medical footwear for?

- Joints, bones, and spinal column

- Blood flow and varicose veins

- Rheumatoid arthritis

- Osteoporosis

- Diabetes

- Overweight

What is the weight of our medical footwear?

Our footwear weighs less than 200 grams, which is exceptionally light.

What is the mystery behind Dr. Luigi's medical shoes?

Our sole is constructed of polyurethane, so it is flexible and soft, and the sole's ergonomics allow for adjustment to the foot's shape as well as the cushioning of body weight in motion ("shock-absorber"). This enhances peripheral blood flow (protection against venous stress) and lowers pressure on the spine and joints.

Who are Dr. Luigi medical footwear intended for?

DrLuigi medical footwear is appropriate for all ages, and special versions satisfy the needs of medical personnel, mothers, and the elderly with severe circulatory issues. In addition to adult sizes, we also carry children's sizes of DrLuigi medical footwear.

Why are DrLuigi children's medical shoes unique?

DrLuigi medical footwear models for children are geared to children's motor skills and proper foot development and shaping. The upper is flexible due to the incorporated elastic, and the footwear is soft, pleasant, and breathable due to the use of natural materials.

What do pediatricians think of Dr. Luigi medical shoes?

According to pediatrician Milivoj Jovanevi, a pediatrician specializing in primary care, numerous factors should be considered when selecting footwear for children. First and foremost, footwear must be comfortable, have soft bottoms so as not to impede foot movement, and be constructed of natural materials with verified safety and lack of dangerous chemical compounds that are frequently used in the processing, dying, and manufacturing of footwear. In addition, he believes that Dr. Luigi's footwear satisfies all of the aforementioned requirements, is classified as a medical device, and, from a health perspective, is a top product and the best option for health and child care, as confirmed by European quality certificates (Certificate 93/42 CEE: compliance with the European definition of medical devices).

Which model should you buy if you have circulation issues?

Our PU-01-02-TP model is designed for individuals with circulatory issues. It is especially beneficial for the elderly and mothers, as the risk of developing varicose veins during pregnancy increases owing to hormonal changes. Our footwear decreases venous stress and makes it easier for blood to return to the heart, thereby reducing leg swelling and giving you the sensation of walking on clouds.

Who uses Dr. Luigi medical footwear?

Professional athletes wear Dr. Luigi medical footwear with pride. Ante Rebic, Tin Srbic, and Boban Marjanovic, who plays for the "Dallas Mavericks" of the NBA, are among them. There are also greats like Danijel Subašić, Željko Musa, Jerko Leka, Filip Zupčić, but also many others.

Why do professional athletes wear DrLuigi medical shoes?

We know that it is essential for professional athletes to consistently improve their physical performance, and that rest and health are essential for this. Therefore, professional athletes acknowledged the potential and quality of DrLuigi medical footwear and placed their confidence in it.

How is the hygiene of DrLuigi medical footwear maintained?

DrLuigi medical footwear is made of cotton and is designed to make footwear hygiene maintenance simple. Therefore, it can be washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius and must be dried in the open air (not in a dryer!).

Which colors are available for DrLuigi medical footwear?

Our footwear is available in black, white, pink, cyclamen, lilac, light blue, dark blue, red, green, brown, and gray.

What are the advantages of cotton footwear?

Cotton sneakers have the benefits of breathability and comfort. Additionally, cotton shoes allow our feet to breathe and make foot hygiene easier to maintain.

What distinguishes DrLuigi footwear from other footwear?

In producing DrLuigi medical footwear, the DrLuigi company employs the most cutting-edge technical solutions available on a global scale, which has resulted in a significant demand from private consumers. In addition to aiding patients with particular disorders, they also serve as a prophylactic measure against the most prevalent types of foot diseases. Due to this, the company has obtained certifications for both its goods (MDD) and its overall management system (ISO 9001 and ISO 13485).

What certifications does DrLuigi medical footwear hold?

DrLuigi medical footwear has a number of certifications attesting to its quality, which is recognized at the EU level and beyond. The most essential certificates at the EU level are:

• Certificate 93/42 CEE: conformity with the European definition of medical devices

• Certificate ISO 9001: 2001: international standard for quality management

• Certificate ISO 9001: 2015: international standard for quality management

• Standard ISO 13485: 2003: compliance with customer needs and applicable regulations

• Certificate ISO 13485:2016:
coordinated with client's needs and with the applicable regulations

• Standard CE EN ISO 20347: 04: compliance with basic and additional needs of work footwear in professional use

• European Directive 89/686 / CEE: compliance with essential safety needs in terms of health and safety at work (natural material that does not harm human health)

What do orthopedists think of Dr. Luigi's footwear?

Prim.dr.sc. Antun Martievic determined that wearing DrLuigi medical footwear alleviates his patients' suffering after putting our products to the test. He also investigated the mechanism by which this reduction in pain happens, concluding that this improvement in medical terms was the result of the footwear's flexible sole and cotton top, its lightness, and its anatomical design tailored to the user's weight.

What does a vascular surgeon believe about DrLuigi footwear?

General and vascular surgery specialist After examining DrLuigi medical footwear, Vedran Radoni believes that it aids in the treatment of chronic vascular disorders with intense static load (long standing) and that the footwear is incredibly light and flexible. He emphasizes the benefits of the tread - the sole of the shoe that is moulded to the contour of the user's feet - and how it lessens the pain that individuals with certain vascular disorders experience when walking and standing. He added that wearing DrLuigi medical footwear considerably eased the problems of walking and standing for the majority of users and acted as a MEDICAL ASSISTANCE.

What do dermatologists think about DrLuigi medical footwear?

Dinko Kaliterna, a specialist in skin and venereal diseases, views DrLuigi footwear as a wonderful advancement and feels that such footwear has not been available on the market until now. Due to its lightness and breathability, it is advised for anyone who has a problem with sensitive skin, circulation issues, any form of diabetes, and in particular those who struggle with various foot and leg fungal illnesses.

What do endocrinologists and diabetologists think of DrLuigi's medical shoes?

Endocrinologist and diabetologist Jozo Jeli recommends DrLuigi medical footwear for diabetics because they have a high risk of developing diabetic foot. Therefore, it is crucial for diabetics to wear footwear that is comfortable, flexible, without rough seams and creases, in which the foot does not perspire, reinforced, and made from natural materials.

Who else are DrLuigi medical footwear intended for?

DrLuigi medical footwear is particularly constructed, and its use is suggested for all medical personnel who make significant efforts to assist each patient. For them, it is essential that the footwear is breathable, light, flexible, comfortable, made of natural materials, aesthetically pleasing, does not promote foot perspiration, and does not skid on the surface. Dr. Luigi's footwear satisfies all standards and is available in various colors and sizes to fulfill all aesthetic requirements.

What do neurologists think of DrLuigi medical footwear?

Neurologist and head of the Department of Neurology Silvio Bai believes that wearing DrLuigi shoes for a longer period of time reduces pain in the legs and spine, particularly in people whose daily responsibilities require long-term standing or walking. Aside from its anatomical design, flexibility, softness, comfort, and light weight, he believes that DrLuigi medical footwear is particularly suited for individuals with limited mobility due to chronic vertebrogenic illnesses, stroke, diabetes, vascular disorders, and nervous system traumas. Consequently, he suggests it as a medical help.