How Do I Choose My Footwear This Summer?

How Do I Choose My Footwear This Summer?

Summer heat is increasing more and more, and in search of salvation we take off unnecessary clothes and put on light open shoes. Sneakers do not seem to be the best choice at +30°C, so we bring you a worthy substitute for summer days. Our feet are grateful for open shoes and the opportunity to breathe, but be careful, because even open shoes have their own dangers.

Flip-flops are footwear intended for short distances, and since they are not very sturdy, they can lead to injuries. However, they are great for a leisurely walk on the beach, and you can let them get wet without worrying about destroying them. Some prefer flip-flops instead, which have been in fashion for a few seasons now and can be seen in the designs of all popular brands. They are made of lightweight material and are a salvation for those whose flip-flops used to cause blisters on their toes and feet. Since they have a thicker sole than flip-flops, the foot can not twist easily in them, and they are water repellent, which is why you often see them on beaches and in swimming pools.

An evening with music and a few cocktails often leads to a slightly more elegant edition, and so it is not surprising that people choose heeled sandals. Small heels allow your joints to turn, while high heels are more likely to cause injuries like sprained ankles. If you do choose high heels, be sure to make sure your foot fits snugly in the shoes and that they are comfortable, because sometimes it’s not worth spending a few hours walking around with sore feet and blisters. It’s important that your shoes do not interfere with your dancing and that you can have a carefree conversation without fear of looking at your feet tomorrow.

If you have narrower feet, you prefer shoes with straps so that your foot does not fall out of the shoe. Another advantage of the strap is that it is easier to adjust to the feet when the legs and feet swell, which is inevitable in high temperatures and physical exertion.

To avoid possible risks of injury and to achieve an elegant look, apartment sandals are the order of the day. They are available at affordable prices, in all colors, often decorated with straps, diamonds, beads and tassels, so everyone can find their favorite and complete their look. However, it should be remembered that they also take their toll on health. Long stretches in apartment and hard soles can cause pain in the heels, spine and back.

DrLuigi medical footwear is comfortable and anatomically shaped, and the sole is non-slip to prevent twisting of joints and injury. They are also suitable for longer distances, and walking in them is a real relaxation for the feet. DrLuigi medical shoes come in 12 different colors that will satisfy even the harshest fashion critics.

The choice is wide and depends on your preferences. Before an important event, think carefully about the footwear you choose so that you will not only look good, but also have a good time. Enjoy summer combinations, play with colors and shapes and take care of your health.
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