How Osteoporosis Affects Leg Health?

How Osteoporosis Affects Leg Health?

How osteoporosis affects the feet?

The entire osteomuscular system is affected by osteoporosis. A hip fracture is a serious manifestation of osteoporosis, such fractures require long-term and expensive treatment. They are treated by surgical repositioning and fixation. Repositioning is the adjustment of the bones, and fixation implies strengthening them with screws and plates. They require long-term rehabilitation after surgery. It is assumed that by 2025, the budget for the care of fractures caused by osteoporosis will grow above 18 million dollars in the United States of America. In addition, only treatment and hospitalization carry certain risks such as deep vein thrombosis, hospital-acquired pneumonia, infections… Men are much more susceptible to developing complications during treatment.

Almost any bone in the foot can suffer a fracture. Fortunately, not all fractures require treatment. Fractures of the bones of the middle of the foot occur because of excessive walking or stress due to excessive load. In most cases, treatment only involves wearing shoes with hard soles. Surgical treatment is very rarely required. Fractures in osteoporosis can occur even during ordinary walking. Likewise, a foot bone fracture can be the first symptom of osteoporosis.

Can men suffer from osteoporosis?

Although osteoporosis is not a predominantly male disease, men are not spared. A third of hip fractures occur in the male population, and mortality from complications during hospitalization and treatment is even twice as high as in the female population. Fractures occur due to a decrease in the concentration of testosterone, the secretion of which gradually decreases over the years. Admittedly, testosterone does not have nearly as strong an effect on bone remodelling as estrogen. The disease is three times less common in men due to: a gradual decrease in testosterone secretion, larger bones, more intense physical activity…


The consequences of osteoporosis are very serious, so it is much better to prevent the disease. In addition, the treatment is long-term, often without the best results. To prevent osteoporosis, it is important to start prevention early. Healthy lifestyle habits and regular physical activity are the prevention of osteoporosis. The goals of osteoporosis prevention are maintenance of bone mass, improvement of general psycho-physical health, prevention of falls, prevention of further loss of bone mass… The most important steps in the prevention of osteoporosis are:
  • Nutrition – by the term nutrition for the prevention of osteoporosis, we primarily mean an adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is the main ingredient of minerals that give bones strength, while vitamin D is necessary for adequate absorption of calcium in the digestive system. The main source of calcium is milk and milk products, and if it is not possible to obtain enough calcium through diet, it can be provided with calcium supplements. The most valuable sources of vitamin D are milk, egg yolk, sea fish, liver. As with calcium, enough vitamin D can be provided through supplements.
  • Stopping smoking – smoking reduces the concentration of estrogen in the blood, which consequently leads to a decrease in mineral and organic matter in the bones and more frequent fractures.
  • Cessation of alcohol consumption – the ethology of bone weakening is the same as that of smoking. A high level of ethanol in the blood reduces the concentration of estrogen.
  • Maintaining adequate physical weight – obesity causes big mechanical load on the bones, especially on the feet.
  • Regular physical activity – Regular load on the bones lead to bone strengthening.

What shoes to choose?

Osteoporosis mostly affects older people. Almost 9 million fractures occur annually due to osteoporosis. The most common fracture in the leg area is the femoral neck fracture. Such a fracture is a medical emergency. The symptoms are severe pain in the hip area, shortened leg and reduced mobility. Treatment of femoral neck fracture is very long-term. The most common cause of femur fracture is trauma, i.e., a fall. In the winter months, the incidence of fractures is the highest. Because these types of fractures are very difficult to treat, every measure should be taken to avoid them. It is very important to wear stable footwear with a solid bottom that does not slip. In addition, the footwear must keep the ankle in a stable position. In addition to preventing falls, it is important to provide soft and comfortable footwear, given the frequency of bone and muscle pain. Footwear must be designed in such a way that it follows the anatomical features of the feet, supports the arches of the feet, and does not cause fatigue after long-term wear. DrLuigi Medical footwear in its assortment contains a large selection of winter footwear. In addition to winter slippers made of terrycloth, we also offer shoes suitable for going to work or other all-day activities. The advantages of DrLuigi shoes are the stable bottom made of polyurethane, which prevents the feet from slipping and falling. In addition to stability, the footwear is highly functional, aesthetically pleasing and made of the best natural, environmentally friendly materials (cotton, leather) …
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