Home Treatments For Foot And Leg Pain

Home Treatments For Foot And Leg Pain

Pain in the legs and feet is not an uncommon phenomenon. After a long walk, intense physical activity or standing for hours, pain in the legs is a common result. Leg pain is often accompanied by pale and dry skin, calf and thigh cramps, pain in the thigh muscles, tingling in the legs and fatigue. Since the health of legs and feet is essential for the proper functioning of the organism, we will give you tips on how to relieve pain in the legs and feet.

1. Do exercises to strengthen your feet

Maybe the thought of exercising while in pain does not seem very tempting, but doing foot exercises strengthens your feet and is one of the best ways to combat foot pain.

2. Use baking soda or Epsom salts in the bathtub.

A warm bath promotes blood circulation in the legs and feet, and if it is enriched with baking soda or Epsom salt, it can have additional effects. Baking soda has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve pain. Bitter salt not only has anti-inflammatory properties, but is also enriched with magnesium, which is why it is often used to treat cramps in the legs and feet, as well as pain.

3. Ice

Ice provides immediate relief. If you decide to use ice, be careful because ice can cause frostbite. Never place ice directly on the skin, but wrap it in a clean cloth and place it on the painful area.

4. Muscle stretching

Stretching muscles can not only relieve pain in the legs and feet, but also has other benefits. It improves the overall flexibility of the body and increases the range of motion. In addition, stretching the muscles helps to relieve stress.

5. High quality medical footwear

Medical footwear helps relieve pain in the legs and feet and prevents pain and other discomfort. We recommend footwear that fits the anatomy of your foot and has shock-absorbing soles that relieve the pressure your feet create when you walk. DrLugi medical footwear meets all the requirements and has been proven to help alleviate the effects of painful legs and feet.

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