Do You Have Any Of These Symptoms? It Is About Flat Feet…

Do You Have Any Of These Symptoms? It Is About Flat Feet…

Most people are not bothered by dropped feet. However, because the plantar muscles and ligaments are stretched when walking, flat soles can result in issues like pain. The foot’s transverse arch can also be decreased at the same time. Another side effect of walking with pronounced pronation is that the ankle joint can occasionally hurt. Ankle swelling may also happen in extreme cases, but this is extremely uncommon.

Long periods of standing can also cause pain, particularly in the ankle joint. The inner side of the foot, heel, hip, knee, lower back, ankle joint, and shins are the areas of the body where patients most frequently experience pain. After engaging in prolonged physical activity, such as walking, playing sports, etc., the lower legs begin to hurt and become fatigued and tense. Fortunately, the discomfort can be avoided. Even if you experience dropped feet, choosing practical and comfortable shoes will help. We advise wearing DrLuigi shoes. The footwear is made of natural materials, conforms to the foot arches thanks to the flexible polyurethane base, and is appropriate for all age groups.

Callus occurrence is also typical. A callus is an engorged area of  hard skin. The callus itself does not hurt, and in the case of lowered feet, it is found where the most load is carried (the heads of the lateral metatarsal bones). DrLuigi footwear also helps to prevent calluses from forming.

Sports injuries are more likely to occur when feet are dropped. These are the causes. The valgus heel and valgus knee are connected by the medial arch that has been lowered. The medial side of the knee structures are stretched in a valgus position, and because they are stretched medially, they are shortened laterally. The hips then take on the burden of the issue. Activating the gluteus medius muscle, which is frequently weak, prevents the knee from being in the valgus position. Anterior cruciate ligament, meniscus, medial collateral ligament injuries are more likely to occur.

The accelerated wear of footwear is an intriguing symptom that patients frequently bring up when they see their doctor. Since there is more pressure there, shoes are worn.

The most detrimental effect of lowered feet is a skeleton change, or a shift in posture. Then you might notice a hunched posture, but just like ankle swelling, this is a very unusual occurrence.


Treatment options for dropped feet include exercises, dropped foot-specific footwear, orthopedic insoles, and surgery.

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