Nikola Pokrivač Football Virtuoso

Nikola Pokrivač Football Virtuoso

One of the most handsome Croats and a former member of the national team who attracts the attention of the female part of the population wherever he appears, still attracts attention and brings charm to the football field.

Nikola Pokrivač had an interesting football career and life path, full of obstacles that he successfully overcame and did not lose his love for the sport that drives him. If you thought he hung his football boots on a peg, you’re wrong … By the looks of how he started, he’ll stay in his football boots as long as he can. He currently enjoys playing for Pušća, where he conveys his passion and love for football to his teammates at home, and his coaching career is also full of smiles.

One of the most desirable footballers, as always closed to the public about his private life, to whom he obviously does not plan to reveal much about himself, is again free and in search of his better half. This is news that will surely delight all of Nikola’s fans.

We wish him a happy discovery of the new chosen one! Nikola is another one of the many athletes and fans of DrLuigi medical footwear.

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