The most accomplished player in the history of Dinamo wears DrLuigi footwear

The most accomplished player in the history of Dinamo wears DrLuigi footwear

Arijan Ademi is a professional footballer and the captain of Dinamo Zagreb. He also plays for the North Macedonia national team.

This exceptionally gifted athlete began his professional career in the Šibenik football club, making his senior squad debut on March 22, 2008. In 2010, he joined the Croatian football club Dinamo Zagreb. On June 16, 2010, he was transferred to Dinamo Zagreb for a fee of €400,000. Through many seasons at the club, Ademi became the most successful player in the club’s history; he won 19 trophies.

When it comes to his international career, Ademi was born in Croatia to Macedonian Albanian parents and played for Croatia at various youth levels. However, on October 9, 2014, he made his official debut in the UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying match against Luxembourg. In 2020, Ademi contributed to North Macedonia's 2–1 and 1–0 victories over Kosovo and Georgia in the UEFA Euro 2020 play-offs, despite being injured both times. He helped North Macedonia reach their first major tournament in history. On March 31, 2021, in the 2022 World Cup qualifier against Germany in Duisburg, Ademi assisted on the winning goal in the 2–1 victory. Unfortunately, North Macedonia didn’t qualify for the World Cup.

However, Ademi is in top form, and his career is truly remarkable. That’s why we are very proud that Ademi is one of the members of our DrLuigi family. He chose our medical footwear because he knows that it is uniquely designed with curves and depressions to provide both comfort and functionality. The sole of DrLuigi medical footwear was developed in collaboration with recognized orthopedic experts to provide special ergonomic properties that relieve static pressure from the spinal area, improve peripheral blood circulation, and prevent vein related problems. This helps with the amortization of body weight when walking, running, and exercising, which is extremely helpful to athletes.

We wish Ademi good luck and many more successful years as a great football player.


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